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Business Phone Service Dallas | Made Our Lives Very Easy!

Business Phone Service Dallas | Made Our Lives Very Easy!

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Aquatic Solutions – Yvette and Stephani

Business Phone Service Dallas Yvette Stephani Aquatic Solutions Testimonial

“I called the other day, and I have to say I don’t know that I’ve ever been so impressed with customer service, except for maybe Chick-fil-a workers, but we all know they’re on a different plane of existence. I’d venture to say that Keith C. has potentially worked for Chick-fil-a at one point or another. Seriously, whatever you’re feeding this dude, keep it up. He delivered what was possibly the nicest, most helpful customer service experience I’ve ever had over the phone. He answered all my questions and sounded so happy to be of assistance. Thanks Keith! Keep it up, buddy!”

Abby King

“Yes. This system has allowed me to leave work at work. Which has allowed me to have a stronger relationship with my wife and kids.”

Bill V.

“Someone always picks up right away if I need anything! My bill has dropped 20% and I have the best phones!”

Brittany A.

“They did an incredible job of crossing us over from Frontier. They were fast and great at helping our workers learning how to use the new system. So many great options came with the new phones. Had a problem with one of the Faxes but they were able to take care of it over the phone. Love our new phone system. Thank You EVAN!
Great work guys!”

Greg G.


Christi W.

“Great customer service!”

Amy Z.

“It’s exactly what a small business needs in the price range that is affordable.”

Kelly C.

“I’ve been very impressed with Evan and his team. They have provided the best service and support for my business. They’re very professional and knowledgeable. The business phones they use are custom fit to everything we needed. I’m appreciative of their business.”

Ed H.

“Great customer service and nice setup. Very happy with these guys!”

Suresh N.

“We were approached by Eric regarding saving us some $$ on our phone system/service. After reviewing the facts, Eric made it difficult not to see the monthly savings and increase in functionality. Next was the installation crew of Evan and Dom. Both incredibly educating on the product and all three have bent over backwards to ensure our satisfaction. Highly recommend this entire crew and product. Thanks guys!”

Jason R.

“Vested gave us calm through the awful process of dealing with another phone company that had our business down 3 times for multiple days. We had completely lost confidence in all phone providers and were hesitant to make any changes. Vested gave us great service and walked through every step with us to be sure the Frontier did what they were suppose to do during the switch. The Vested team came in early, stayed late, stayed on hold, and stuck around for days in order to make sure we were trained with the new system. They made us feel like they cared! They understand how a small business counts on their phone system and we are thrilled to have them. Eric, Evan, Keith, Will, and team, we appreciate you guys for all you have done. Thank you!!!”

AJ Meisel

“Everyone has always been so responsive to our requests. I appreciate the excellent customer service.”

Shelly F.

“We decided to go with Vested Networks for our Doctors office telecommunication needs and are so glad we did. The installation service was very professional. Our phone lines were transitioned to VOIP and Fax over IP saving a ton of money and the service has been flawless. We were given cell number directly to tech support, so customer service is superb. Would definitely recommend to other businesses that want to get away from the high costs and limitations of hard lines. The list of features with VOIP are pages long and come standard. Welcome to the future. AAA+++ 5 Stars!!”

Alfred Y.

“We have had our new Phone System Since 2018 and we have been very impressed with the quality and the service of the phones and the company. We also are saving a couple of hundred dollars per month. I would highly recommend doing business with Vested Networks.”

Rick W.

“Customer service has been fantastic! Thank you.”


“Evan is awesome! A-plus customer service and extremely knowledgeable!!”


“Excellent. Very prompt and responsive to our needs.”

Shelley F.

“It has been totally awesome, anytime I have a question they are there to help immediately!”

Angel H.

“Truly made the right decision in using their services. Evan is great to work with!”

Maritza R.

“Vested Networks, Debbie Baecht, Dominic, everyone has been amazing! They were able to save us money and keep us connected to our patients. We are extremely grateful!”

Texoma Wellness Sherman

“We have received wonderful service from Vested Networks. They are easy to reach, have a good response time and are able to take care of any requests that we have had. We have not had any issues with the actual phone service and the transition was smooth. Debbie checks in with me from time to time and I really appreciate that. Dom was the technician who did our install and was very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Vested Networks.”

Leslie G.

“Five Stars.”

Joey P.

Vested Networks