Since the advent of the telephone, one thing that has plagued everyone who can receive calls is the problem of unwanted and even unwarranted calls. New technology in the telecom space, unauthorized and soon illegal as it may be, has given telemarketers the power to do what’s called “Spoofing”. Spoofing is the activity of pretending to own a number and displaying it on the caller ID in order to get past the average person’s defenses. This is much cheaper than actually buying the numbers to use, and is one of the main reasons it is highly illegal. There are call centers all over the world that do this, taking advantage of those that don’t know better to offer tech support, car warranties, or what have you. This poses a danger twofold, to those receiving the calls and those that legitimately own numbers and use them for the benefit of their business. Thankfully, legislation that passed in March of 2020 known as STIR/SHAKEN, or SHAKEN/STIR, a suite of protocols and procedures intended to combat caller ID spoofing and legitimize the ownership of telephone numbers, gives a security to the telecom industry that has been nonexistent previously. Now, how does Vested Networks actively engage and protect our customers in the midst of this, both as one receiving calls as well as one making them?

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One way that this is currently being combated by what’s known as Spam Filters. These recognize numbers that are flagged as spam and prevent them from even reaching their target. Vested Networks currently optimizes 6 different spam registries; FTC, Nomorobo, Icehook System, TrueSpam, Telo, and Robokiller. Utilizing these gives a protection for those that are on our phone service, that they will not be subject to excessive and annoying calls for services that likely don’t exist. Even then, if a number magically gets through without being flagged, once a Vested Networks client recognizes the number is spam our support team can block that number from ever even reaching our system.

Now, what about from the other side? What about a business that is legitimately making calls that has their number flagged as spam? Here’s the Vested difference: Vested Networks can actively monitor the status of each owned number on each of the 6 spam registries and if any number is erroneously tagged as spam, and any time a number that is actually owned and is verifiably legitimate, our experienced techs can register that number and remove the spam listing. Whether a vengeful customer reports the call or a caller ID spoof taking advantage of honest businesses, Vested Networks can be there to protect you and your business from Spam listings. Call today and find out more!

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