Over the course of about a year, as Vested Networks has developed and grown, we have finally completed the process of becoming HIPAA certified throughout all aspects of our technology and organization. Now, what does HIPAA mean? The term refers to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 that was signed in order to standardize the protection and organization of private health information. For example, if your doctor knew information about your health that could jeopardize your employment or reputation and somehow that information was released to the public, that doctor would be subject to massive fines and penalties under this act. The motivation behind HIPAA, and one that we at Vested Networks are fully behind, is that we as individuals are to have our personal health information and privacy protected.

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Now, how does this translate into a business phone system? In the words of a spam-filled article on social media, the answer might surprise you. Here are a few items related to personal health information:

  • Call History: Believe it or not, even something as simple as a record that a call was made is protected by HIPAA. Whether the doctor has a specialty in something sensitive or the patient doesn’t want anyone to know that they are sick, it’s still that patient’s privacy on the line.
  • Call Recording: This is an option that is not on by default, but quite a few doctors prefer it be on for quality assurance and to ensure that the correct information is always conveyed in both directions. It could be a prescription dosage, a dietary recommendation, or even just directions to the clinic, and it is still protected.
  • Voicemail: It is vitally important that the only people who are aware of the contents of a voicemail relating to personal health information are the sender and receiver of that message. There could very likely be compromising information contained in that.
  • Faxing: The ability to send and receive a fax is something that not many businesses quite do anymore, with the exception of most if not all in the medical field. For prescription orders, legal documentation, really anything at all sent by a doctor, protecting that information is of the utmost importance. Quite a few hospitals require that documents be sent via fax for the inherent security of transmission that it provides.

Now, understanding the importance of HIPAA and what all it entails, the question is “How exactly does Vested Networks protect that information?” The answer is simple. Through hard-coded encryption on every device and server that even slightly interfaces with our technology. With a documented policy and procedure to prevent breach and to immediately lock everything down even on the slightest suspicion of wandering typists. We even have dedicated security officers within our company who carry the responsibility of ensuring beyond the shadow of a doubt that the data of our customers is safe and secure. Whether you are a medical office, a clinic, or really any business at all, you can rest assured that your information and the information of your customers is safe in our hands.

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