Our team at Vested Networks prides itself on explaining our products and services in terms everyone can understand so that they make the best decision possible when it comes to their business phone service Dallas. But just in case you have a desire to be plugged in, below is a list of key telecommunications terms and acronyms you might hear from time to time.


VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol
To put it simply, this means that instead of a normal analog phone line, businesses can use their internal computer network and/or internet to carry voice traffic. Your voice travels across the network to its destination seamlessly and without limitations.


LAN — Local area network
A local network that connects all the computers, internet, and phone lines in a limited area, such as an office building or residence.


PBX — Private Branch Exchange
This is a fancy name for your company’s private telephone network. Having a PBX allows you and your employees to communicate internally and externally.


CAT 5 — Category 5 Cable
This is a very common twisted pair of cable used for carrying signals for computer networks. They are commonly plugged in to any Ethernet jack on a computer, router, or similar device.


CAT 6 — Category 6 Cable
Similar to Cat 5, Cat 6 cables are a slightly higher grade and are best for cabling lines that travel longer distances.


SIP Trunking — Session Initiation Protocol
SIP Trunking allows you to send and receive calls via the Internet on most existing business phone systems.


QoS — Quality of Service
QoS is additional hardware or network configurations that, when implemented when using VoIP telephones or SIP trunks in your office, can improve voice quality on congested networks.


DID — Direct Inward Dialing
Also known as DID numbers, these are great for companies that have staff who need to be reached by calling direct numbers rather than routing them through an operator.


ITSP — Internet Telephony Service Provider
Rather than using traditional phone lines, an ITSP is a company that provides Cloud-based telecom services such as SIP Trunks or Cloud Telephone Systems via the Internet.


LNP — Local Number Portability
Portability allows you to move your telephone number from one carrier to another.


PSTN — Public Switch Telephone Network
This is the name for a traditional local, long distance, and international phone system. PSTN refers to the entire interconnected collection of local, long-distance, and international phone companies.


PRI — Primary Rate Interface
A PRI is a high capacity circuit that can deliver up to 23 lines or trunks to a business. A PRI is great for businesses that need to buy a large amount of business phone service Dallas phone lines at a lower cost.

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