Business VoIP Specialists

Vested Networks is a business phone service company based out of the Dallas metroplex that specializes in voice over internet phones (VoIP), basic network management, cabling, and phone service through a downloadable mobile application. With no money down, installation and equipment included, and unlimited support, Vested Networks takes care of you from the moment you put pen to paper. We take care of porting over your existing phone numbers from your previous provider including any necessary troubleshooting phone calls. If you are needing any ethernet cables ran or you need better internet connections, we will take that too! Vested Networks has great relationships with IT consultants and Internet providers in order to ensure the best service to our customers. Our technicians will do all onsite installation and training and continue to provide support either virtually or in person.

Our technicians are available Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and they are on call for emergency situations on Saturdays and Sundays. Vested Networks offers unlimited training and support to all our customers even if it is as simple as resetting your voicemail password or turning off call recording because we know it is difficult to learn a new system in an afternoon. In addition to a top-notch business phone system, our service comes with a number of features to enhance the daily activity of your business.

Some of those features include but are not limited to fax to email, call recording, voicemail to email, business texting, mobile phone applications, data analytics, answering rules, and an online portal to keep an eye over all of the activity in your phone system. Through our online portal you are able to track average wait time for a call to be answered, average talk time before the call is hung up, average calls during business hours, total minutes on the phone in any given business day, and more. The idea behind this feature that we offer is to provide you reporting tools that can illustrate the daily, weekly, and monthly activity of your business. This online portal is the hub to all activity in your phone system including online faxing. You can easily log-in to the portal and send a fax online, and if someone sends you a fax, it shows up as an email.

In addition to these features, Vested Networks also provides the ability to set up a customized auto-attendant with many different call routing options (also controlled through the portal). If you would like to record an auto attendant and specialize it yourself, we provide all the training and tools necessary. However, if you do not want to have to mess with the settings in the portal you can tell us what you would like for your auto attendant and we will record and customize the message for you. If at any point you need to adjust this message for any reason you can call into our support line and we will submit a ticket to get that adjusted for your business. With our flexible business structure, Vested Networks is able to add or take away any phones or features at any time.

Although we are based out of the Dallas area and specialize in Dallas businesses, we service different businesses all over the country. Our technicians will fly or drive wherever they are needed in order to get new customers installed and trained. However, if you have an IT consultant that is familiar with VoIP or if you yourself have sufficient experience with VoIP then we will simply program and ship the phones to you. If you need any assistance during the install process, you can easily call in and our technicians will walk you through the installation process. Vested Networks provides ongoing support and training for all of our customers. That being said, if there is something wrong with our system or our hardware, we will replace or repair whatever is needed free of charge. We promise you the best service and the best technology therefore, if something is not working correctly on our end we will do absolutely everything in our power to fix it so that all you need to worry about is running your business! Business owners have enough to worry about, let us worry about making your phone system work for you.

Vested Network’s Business Phone Services Are Adaptable to Any Business Type. We service everyone from government offices to doctor’s offices to mechanics and much more. If you are needing basic phone service with five desk phones that all ring at the same time between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, we can absolutely do that. If you are a large doctor’s office that needs an extensive auto attendant that sorts your calls to four different departments and needs an after-hours emergency line, we can do that. If you are a contracting business that has employees in the field that need to use their mobile phone but does not want to give out their personal number, we can do that too! Vested Networks has a specialized mobile application that is connected to your business number as well as your personal extension and it works just like your desk phone. If one of our technicians is out in the field but we need to transfer a call to them, we can do that right from our desk phone. Business phone services have never been more adaptable or simple.

Vested Networks technicians are all from the Dallas area and work here in our office in Lewisville, TX. Never again will you need to sit on a log waiting for ques to speak to a call center agent overseas. Vested Networks is local and readily available to suit our customers’ needs whether they are located here in Dallas like us or all the way in South Carolina. What really sets Vested Networks apart is our desire and willingness to invest in your business’s success whatever it takes. We accomplish this through world-class service, the most up to date and efficient technology, and competitive pricing.

Vested Networks