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Best Office Phones For Small Businesses | Personal Customer Reviews

Best Office Phones For Small Businesses | Personal Customer Reviews

My name is William McKee, and I’m with B and B automotive and wrecker in Denison. And we love using best of networks because it has made our transfer from one person to another. So much easier. We can answer the phone easier. We have headsets that are wireless that worked, and that’s a great feature for us. So, you know, being able to pass the phone to the right person or to the credit department is much easier. And it’s something that we actually love and have learned to use in much more, uh, easy way to help improve the, the, uh, our business.

Hi, I’m Alan from Varsity Chenille and apparel, and I use [inaudible] networks for my phone system. And I really love the application. What you get out of the phone, the benefits of it, the way that your voicemails go to your email records. Every call that is made for you to review, you can use an app to answer calls anywhere, send texts. The price is so much better than I was paying to AT&T, it’s ridiculous. And, uh, I just really love it.

Hi, I’m Dave Campbell, executive director of Camp All Saints. And since we have switched to VoIP phones, we have just been thrilled. It’s done an exceptional job with all of our departments. We have multiple buildings, multiple locations. We’ve had no hiccups, no glitches. It’s just a fantastic company to work with. One of the best decisions I’ve made.

Hi, this is Casey Lovelace with Lovelace and company insurance solutions, and we are a newish customer to vested networks and we couldn’t be happier. Their customer service has been amazing. You don’t sit on hold for 45 minutes and call an 800 number and they show up when you need help and they answer your phone call and they follow up with you. And, um, we couldn’t be happier.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Hernandez, the property manager for Arlington Oaks condos. Ever since we converted over to vested networks, I’m able to have my phone on the go, which has been great, and I love the service.

Uh, my name is Mark Silman, I have a company called BlackRock and we were on a previous competitor in about three times the price and have changed over to vested, which has been phenomenal. And service has been fantastic. And, uh, highly recommend you check them out.

Hello, I’m Doris Shockley with state farm insurance in Bonham Texas. Several months ago we switched our telephone carrier to vested networks and we were able to save money and we have been very pleased with the service they’ve given us. Every time we’ve called with a problem of any kind, they’ve run right over to help us and we appreciate how they are working for us. I would suggest anyone giving them a try who would like to save money and have great coverage. Thank you.

Hi, my name is Christine chow and I’m with Emmanuel Presbyterian church. Um, we were just wanted to say how much we’ve enjoyed working with vested networks, that their service has been, um, exception, airy. Um, there’s not been any issues with the phone line. We were not having any static or any of the issues that we had with the previous service that we were using.

Hi, my name’s Colin Connor and the pastor of Grace Church in Haltom city, Texas. And uh, we are Vested networks, customers, and we have really enjoyed the service we receive from them being able to check your voicemail online and just the smoothness of the transition from our old phone system to the new, they just handled everything in a great way. So we’re really glad to be their customers.

I’m a Wendell Moore with pink Hill water supply. We are very satisfied with our vested networks service. Uh, and the reduction of our monthly bill has helped a lot. Thanks.

Hi, my name is Anila with Torque Plumbing. I like Vested Networks. It gives our customers, um, options to speak with us directly, or it gives them options to leave messages.

My name is Sydney Alford with Alford services incorporated. We’ve been using vested for about six to eight months now. We’re really, really happy with it. The best thing about it is we do not get any robo calls.

Okay. My name is Ismayles. I am one of the owner of KTI cabinets on for work. Uh, before we, uh, changed for the new phone service, uh, we was having problems to track call and, uh, having, uh, voicemails and things to call people back. And I said, we’ve got this system actually help us a lot to improve, um, tracking the call, coming in calls and, uh, you know, uh, voicemails and, uh, people leaving messages and, and all that. So it’s been pretty good. We happy with it.

Hey everybody. It’s Ethan Brooks here with Owens Parker medical here in Bonham Texas on the square at four 20 North center street. I just want to show a brief little video how much we appreciate best vested networks. That’s who we use as our phone in our company business to keep in contact with our veterans, meaning anybody there, we need to be contacted. This company is who we use. Sorry about the noise in the background. Got a lot of cars come in, but yeah, we’re Owens Parker medical. Good thing about Vested networks is they’re always on top of something. If you ever have a problem, you just got to give him a call and they will have somebody out usually the next day, or it could be the same day very fast at what they do. They’re very good at what they do. They’re very, very great, uh, with their customers that they go through for their business. So if there’s anybody you need to call or you want to use this phone service or any service, I recommend best in networks.

Hi, I’m Debra Pettit, I’m the team leader of the Pettit Realty group and our team. We just switched phone companies to the Vested network and we are thrilled. We asked them for a custom number and they worked really hard until they found our last four numbers are M. O. V. E. We love that we have a number that’s easy to remember, but mostly we are thrilled with their customer service. The phones have worked great. It is so much better than us trying to put out five different phone numbers that are hard to remember. We love vested network and it is really helping us with our business.

I am Taylor, I’m from shady shores family clinic. She brought us this lovely basket, and our phones are very modern and we can page anybody throughout the office and across the street. So it’s awesome. And they’ve made our lives very easy with the phones.

Hello, I’m sure. Shareen from the rufe snow clinic, and I’m angel from rufe snow clinic and we’re letting y’all know that our services have improved a whole bunch since we’ve changed. Um, no more dropped calls, no more outages with storms. Um, the phones are really easy to use. Great voicemail. Voicemail is good. And there’s so many places to put people on hold if needed. Yes, yes. vested networks has really come through for us. Anytime we have any questions, they’re always able to coach us through and they answer immediately to us. So they’re great. Really good company. Thank you.

I am Jorge Zavala with T a T billing services. And what makes Vested networks different Vested networks actually has that personal touch that makes you feel that you’re the only client they have? I have, my experience has been amazing from the time that they came and set up my phones to actually even yesterday, my experience where within two minutes from my requested a call and they call me and they exactly told me what I needed to do and it worked out. So I have nothing but great experience. And I have already referred a client and they took care of my client. Very difficult person. But she is very happy and I mean, I can’t say enough about Vista networks.

My name’s Tom Kyle and I am with Texoma financial services in Sherman and we are new ish customers, in vested networks. And I was just going to let you know that what we love about working with them is if there are ever issues, which didn’t happen very often, we get a real person when we call and they are on it and they’re calling us back and they’re emailing us to make sure that it all went okay and they are, um, in the local area and they’re just great people to work with. And so if you want new phone equipment and probably save a lot of money, I would give us a network’s a call. Thanks.